Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Five useful films about the care of babies and infants

A Day in the Life

Five useful films about the care of babies and infants
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An Introduction to Foster Care - 27 Minutes
Discussion of many aspects of foster care
£23.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable
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I Don't Need Toys - 18 Minutes
A film about play in the first two years of life
£40.25 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

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Buddle Lane - A Day Nursery - 40 Minutes
Child care in a day nursery in Exeter.
£23.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable
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A Day in the Life of a Day Nursery - 90 Minutes
Detailed description of the work of a day nursery.
£46.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

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Ethical Dilemmas in the Care of Young Children - 36 Minutes
New technology and lack of resources raise serious dilemmas.
£34.50 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Holocaust: Two films that should be seen by all

Kitty Hart, a holocaust survivor, returns to Auschwitz for the first time since the war

Kitty Returns to Auschwitz - 1980 - 90 Minutes
Kitty, who was in the camp as a child, returns with her son.
The programme records Kitty Hart's first journey to Auschwitz since the war. She takes her son, David, with her to try to explain to him the full horror of what she and her mother had seen and experienced while they were prisoners there. It is a detailed, harrowing account of everyday life in the concentration camp, delivered with the passion of a survivor determined that what she witnessed and endured will never be forgotten.
£34.50 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

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The Ambulance - 1962 - 10 Minutes
Reconstruction of the Nazi gassing of children in wagons.
If there was not so much evidence of the use of gas wagons by the Nazis in Russia and Poland (over 7000 were murdered in this way in Krasnodor alone), one could not believe this film. It reconstructs one incident involving a small group of Jewish children. A very moving story told without words.

This film was made in 1962 in black and white, so the film and sound quality is not to modern standards. This should not diminish its value as a moving document.
£17.25 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Race Relations Films

Race is a Four Letter Word
With questions about immigration, race relations and terrorism playing an important part in the debate leading up to the UK general election these films throw a light on to these subjects.

Race is a Four letter Word - 2011 - 56 minutes
Examines concepts and conflicts around being black.

Directed by Sobaz Benjamin, who was brought up in England, and moved to Grenada before settling in Canada. He highlights some conflicts around race, heroically exposing himself, too: a black man who grew up trying to bleach his skin with chemicals, and then struggled to appreciate the meaning of his heritage.

We also meet a white man who is culturally and psychologically black, having been brought up by a black family, a black woman who wants to be considered Canadian and another black woman who retreats to England rather than continue to face Canada’s racial cold war. Finally the film teaches us that the soul has no colour - yet race is a marathon we are all forced to run.
DVD Sale Price£33.35 plus postage, and VAT
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Just Listen : Race and Religion - 2004 - 12 minutes
A tragic story of a refugee, and attitudes to Islam.

Interviews with people who come from groups which are prejudiced against. They talk frankly about their experiences and the problems they encounter.

Race and Religion: Ibrahim and Clair: Tragic story of a refugee; a British Muslim describes her religion. Ibrahim's story of personal tragedy dispels many of the myths that exist about refugees and asylum seekers. Clair is a Muslim and tells how lack of understanding leads to prejudice towards other religions, particularly Islam.
Made in co-operation with West Suffolk College and The Learning Skills Council for Suffolk

£23.00 plus postage and VAT
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The Essential Blue-Eyed - 1999 - 96 minutes
A shorter version of Jane Elliott's life and her work combating prejudice. Includes debriefing session.

A special trainer's version of the original Blue Eyed film (q.v.) which is shortened to 60 minutes, retaining the most telling parts. Jane Elliott herself says the film is "the most dramatic and complete summary of my 30 years experience helping organisations grapple with the difficulties and opportunities offered by a diverse workforce." Together on the tape is a completely new 36 minute debriefing where Jane Elliott shows how to help participants apply the lessons of her exercise to their daily work lives. She encourages the mixed group to compare their personal experiences of discrimination to appreciate that white people and people of colour, and other minority groups, inhabit two separate worlds.
Trainer’s version 60 minutes followed by 36 minute debriefing.

£49.50 plus postage, and VAT
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Rainbow days - 1997 - 20 minutes
A colourful multicultural festival in a London school

Nine schools in Thamesmead take part in a colourful multicultural festival. The Thamesmead Race Equality Forum was set up after racist murders of two black teenagers, and the aim is to do something constructive to overcome fear, and to celebrate the diversity of different cultures. Professional people work alongside the children and community groups in workshops and performances. Although made some years ago, the issues are still relevant today. 1997.

£22.43 plus postage and VAT
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Young British and Muslim - 1989 - 25 minutes
Western values versus tradition for Muslim children in Britain

Muslims make up the largest religious and cultural minority in Britain. Workers started coming to Britain in the ‘60s, and soon communities were established. We meet the children of the first generation of Asian Muslim immigrants, including the pupils of the Leicester Muslim Girls’ High School, and find out how far they have accepted western values, and examine the deep-rooted strength of their faith and their acceptance of the moral and cultural values embodied in it. Even as far back as 1989 resentment is clearly beginning to build up as the children see what they perceive as slights to their religion and blasphemy against its founder Mohammed such as the book by Salman Rushdie and other attacks. Slights such as these may have helped in the development of today’s terrorists.
£19.50 plus postage, and VAT
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