Thursday, 19 June 2014

Liesl Silverstone: Art Therapy the Person-Centred Way

After an introduction about the background and theory of Person-Centred Art Therapy, Liesl Silverstone offers an art therapy exercise. She demonstrates the approach by working with two women and their images. Then, as 'tutor', she watches two women work together with an image as 'counsellor' and 'client'. The underlying philosophy of person-centred art therapy is that it is a creative mode to keep us away from cerebral, verbal, judgemental processes, and into the here and now world of imagination, intuition and inspiration.

 The paradox applies that by thinking less, it is possible to know more. By making visible our images, we can tap into material from the subconscious, which is denied to the forefront of our awareness, and gain valuable insights leading to growth, self-awareness and integration. Liesl Silverstone has many years' experience as tutor, counsellor and art therapist. She has worked in this way with adults, children and educationally disadvantaged adults, in groups, with individuals, and for herself, and was the founder of the Person-Centred Art Therapy Centre in London.

 Carl Rogers was her course consultant and wrote an effective course in person-centred art therapy based on the philosophy which empowers the person and helps make them more self-directed. "Excellent outline of theory and methodology skilfully done" - student of counselling.

DVD  2002   55 Minutes

£46.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable.   N.B.  We hope during the next two months to make this programme available on 'Video on Demand' both to buy or to rent. We will let you know when this is available

Liesl Silverstone died on the 15 December 2013, after one and a half years of increasing illness. She was 86. Her achievements in the last three decades of her life are awe-inspiring. They have been recognised by the most respected practitioners in the therapeutic profession, not only in Britain but across the world.  Concord is very proud that Liesl chose us to distribute the film which she made in 2002.  It should be seen by everyone who practises art therapy or person centred therapy.

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Caring for the Elderly

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This is an excellent training resource for all students and staff in health, housing and social care. It clearly and systematically defines different types of elder abuse; physical, emotional, sexual, financial and neglect. For each type of abuse the film outlines the indicators and appropriate responses strategies to protect vulnerable older people. Using clear summaries for each type of abuse this film is an excellent training resource for personal or group learning. Australia
Target audience: students and all management and front line staff in health, housing and social care

Reviewer’s comments: Highly recommended
DVD- 2007 - 29 Minutes - £44.85 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

Abuse of Older People
What constitutes abuse of older people, and how it can be recognised?

Jacki Pritchard, freelance trainer/consultant, with wide experience in this field, talks with Malcolm Brown in the series "Approaches to Problem Resolution". She discusses the concept of abuse, details what constitutes abuse both in the community and in institutions, examines the signs of abuse, explores the role of the social worker and discusses some relevant theories and processes. Of use to anyone working with older people. Notes included.

DVD - 1996 - 53 Minutes - £43.70 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

Care Films

A End of Life Care 

Advice for professional people caring for people who are dying.
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Palliative Care Nursing – Caring for Yourself

An introduction to palliative care stress management, for staff.

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Protecting the Vulnerable

An excellent training resource on different forms of abuse to aid responses and strategies to protect vulnerable older people.

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Incontinence - Management by the Primary Care Team

Three cases of incontinence which show the principles of correct management.

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