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Anthropology Films


Here is a small selection of our films on anthropology. We are slowly putting them all on our new 'video on demand facility. 

If there any you might want to rent or buy via VOD and they are not yet transferred please email us and we will let them 'jump the queue*.  To have a quick look at all of them please visit this section of our website


DVD201365 Minutes
The journey of a traditional Tibetan healer and her students in Ladakh.
For centuries the only medical system accessible to people in Ladakh was the Amchi, the traditional doctor following ‘Sowa Rigpa’, Tibetan medicine. 84% of Ladakh’s population lives in villages and rural areas in the mountains which are difficult to reach. There are no hospitals or clinics.

We follow amchi Karma Chodon on a journey into the wilderness of the Himalayas where she will meet her students for the last time. Although she has passed on the traditional knowledge to the next generation, the film questions the future of the amchi tradition which is threatened with extinction.

Although made in difficult circumstances, this is a unique documentary of a way of life which may soon disappear.

English sub-titles.

This programme is now available to rent or buy via our new Video on Demand service which uses the  website (Vimeo).
 The 48-hour rental price including vat on Vimeo is £4.68 / $7.34 making viewing more accessible to people or organisations with limited budgets. The buying price on Vimeo is the same as the DVD price on our website but includes VAT which is an 'add on' for DVD
 To learn more about this new facility go to our ‘Home’ page and click in the Video on Demand box. To buy or rent this film on Video on Demand just click the 'Video on Demand' button below.
 Prices on Vimeo are quoted in US Dollars but it comes to approximately the same as in Pounds.

£39.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

Ancient Futures - Learning from Ladakh

DVD199360 Minutes
How we can learn about ecological solutions from an ancient culture.
Ladakh is a wildly beautiful desert land in the western Himalayas, with few resources and an extreme climate. Yet there is an ancient and thriving culture. Traditions of frugality and co-operation, and a knowledge of the local environment, enabled the Ladakh is not only to survive, but to prosper. This is changing with the impact of 'progress', particularly in the capital. This study forces us to examine wider issues, as what is happening in Ladakh can teach us about the root causes of environmental, social and psychological problems in general, and provides valuable guidelines for our own future.  A video clip can be seen on our website.

£34.50 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

Allan Baldwin: In Frame

DVD201352 Minutes
The moko, or facial tattoo of Maori women reflects an ancient and spiritual culture
In the 60s Allan Baldwin, then a young photographer, travelled through Aotearoa (New Zealand), obsessed with preserving the image of the moko, a Maori tattoo put on the chins of the Kuia women. Allan Baldwin looks back on that time, uncovering his memories and a moving collection of photographs, some seen for the first time.
The culture of the moko, their beautifully crafted facial tattoos, is vitally important to the Maori people. One woman explains ‘I’ve been carrying my people on my back all these years and now I ‘m going to carry them on my face’.
Allan Baldwin has captured these mokos, and with them the beauty and wisdom of an ancient and fragile culture rarely encountered.
This beautifully observed documentary examines an extraordinary spiritual society and a sensitive artist, asking powerful questions about the balance between maintaining tradition and living in the modern world.
Only available in the UK.

£39.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

Spirit of the Gypsies

DVD199972 Minutes
Gypsy music and festivals in Britain.
Gypsy music - this film was made by Jeremy Sandford, who made 'Cathy Come Home' and 'Edna The Inebriate Woman', and features David Essex as presenter. There are vivid portraits of the Stow-on-the-Wold Gypsy Horse Fair, and the Romany camp sites, linked with Romany folk songs, and portraits of families and individuals like Dave Rawlings, still travelling behind a horse on the open road.  You can see a video clip on our website.

£23.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

We have many films about life in China only a generation ago
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Friday, 14 November 2014

Carl Rogers Person-Centred Films now available to rent

Concord Media is pleased to say that four films about Carl Rogers can now be rented (streamed) for £6.00 ($9.45) for viewing as many times as you like during a 48 hour period chosen by you. Click on any of the following;

Carl Rogers Meets With Richie

Carl Rogers Meets With Steve

 Journey into Self 

 Carl Rogers and the Person-Centred Approach

We think it only fair to warn you that these programmes were made at the dawn of the era of using videotape instead of film and so the quality is poor. However you can watch a videoclip or a trailer before deciding to spend your money! If you have any problems don't hesitate to email us and your comments are always useful to us. Thanks.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Counselling Films

Counselling Films on Vimeo - For more Counselling Films visit our VOD Page of visit our Website!

For the full list of Video on Demand Films follow this link - VOD Films

Cognitive Therapy Training
Demonstrates the use of four core techniques which are employed in CBT.
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Examination of the Newborn
The examination of a new-born baby.
Read More ...

Facing Chronic Illness and Death when the patient is a Child
Help for carers of children with terminal illness.
Read More ...

Parting Company
The ways in which divorce can affect the children involved.
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Some Babies Die
Help for carers of children with terminal illness.
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The Clumsy Counsellor
Typical mistakes a counsellor might make, in 13 ‘chapters’.
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Video on Demand

I'm pleased to say that we are well on the way to making our programmes available to rent (as well as to buy) on Vimeo (Video on Demand). The rental price will be roughly be one tenth of the sale price thus making it worthwhile to view and learn from these useful and illustrative films.

It is a slow job including these films in the VOD system. Those that are so far available (about 20 as of 7 August 2014) do have a mention of this fact in their description on our website. If you want to rent or buy online a title which is not currently listed, just email: and we will quickly add it* and then inform you. Of course our programmes are still available to buy on a DVD from

*subject to copyright agreements

Click here for our Vimeo on Demand page

Eric Walker
Trustee of Concord media.

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Robertson Films

Purchase the Robertson Films today or find out more by clicking this image

Recently a large charity bought copies of these films on DVD for each of their branch offices to train staff in how to help small children who are suffering emotionally from a temporary separation from their parents.  These films, although not made recently are unique and I thought it possible you may not know of them.   Why not take advantage of our offer of a 10% discount if you buy all five in the series?   This 10% discount also applies if you buy just 'Jane' and 'John' at the same time.  You can order them online at our website or you can send us a purchase order.

These films come with a comprehensive teaching guide.

Young Children in Brief Separation - Jane
DVD 1968 37 Minutes

Fostered for 10 days, Jane is less distressed than John.
Jane is a bright active child of 17 months who is in foster care for 10 days. At this age she cannot keep a clear image of her mother in her mind, and makes a strong attachment to the foster mother. Although she copes and relates well, there are times of confusion and she cools towards her visiting father. Care by a responsive substitute mother keeps alive Jane’s experience of warm mothering, so that at reunion she goes eagerly back to her mother. But she is not abruptly separated from the foster mother. In order that Jane should not suffer the sudden loss of someone to whom she has become strongly attached, the foster mother visits over the next few weeks. (Contrast study to John, aged 17 months, for nine days in a Residential nursery)

German  version also available

£70.00 plus postage, and VAT

Young Children in Brief Separation - John
DVD 1969 43 Minutes

In a nursery and separated from his mother for nine days, John becomes very distressed.
At 17 months John is a placid, easy to manage child.

He spends nine days in a residential nursery whilst his mother has a baby The nurses are young and friendly, but the system of care does not allow any one of them to substitute for the absent mother.

John tries hard to make a relationship but is defeated and becomes increasingly distressed. When his mother comes to take him home, he will not accept her and struggles to get out of her arms. He looks at his mother in a way she has never seen before.

JOHN has a use beyond teaching about child development. He is a microcosm of the human dilemma of how to give appropriate care to those in need, whether they be infants, the aged, the mentally ill, or prisoners, all of whom need stable, supportive relationships.

German and Russian versions also available

£90.00 plus postage, and VAT

Young Children in Brief Separation - Kate
DVD 1967  33 Minutes

Kate, fostered for 27 days, plays out her conflicting emotions with dolls.
Kate is a lively and talkative child of 2 years 5 months whose stay with the Robertsons becomes extended to 27 days because of complications in the birth. She is old enough to have some understanding of the situation.

Kate is under considerable strain because of the prolonged absence of her mother but is never overwhelmed by anxiety. She is helped by seeing her mother in the hospital, and by her father’s visits to the foster home; but is increasingly disappointed that she is not taken home.

In play with a family of dolls Kate shows vividly the conflict of feeling about her absent parents. But on reunion she returns to her mother with pleasure, and keeps a friendly relationship thereafter to the foster mother.

£70.00 plus postage, and VAT 

Young Children in Brief Separation - Lucy
DVD 1976 31 Minutes

Fostered for 19 days, Lucy becomes very attached to her foster mother.
Lucy, 21 months, a sturdy serious child, is in foster care for 19 days. Like Jane she is too young to carry a clear image of the absent mother and readily accepts the foster mother’s care. Lucy is helped by her father’s daily visits, and by her relationship with her substitute mother.

Despite episodes of anxiety and resistive behaviour she manages well within the supportive relationship. At reunion she reunites eagerly with her mother. But there is a problem. During the 19 days Lucy had become very attached to her foster mother and has difficulty in giving her up.

The film shows dramatically the conflict of feeling, and how during subsequent weeks mother and foster mother co-operate in helping Lucy to resolve it. Together they prevent her experiencing the sudden loss of a second loved person.

£70.00 plus postage, and VAT
Available to buy from:

Young Children in Brief Separation - Thomas
DVD  1971 39 Minutes

Thomas at two years old has more understanding, but his loyalties conflict.
Thomas is an active little boy of 2 years 4 months who is in foster care for ten days. He speaks well and has a good understanding of the reasons for the separation from his mother. He is well supported by a father who visits every day, and who shows much understanding of his son.

There are times when the strong wish for the mother makes Thomas turn away from her photograph, but throughout he carries a clear and loving image of her. His need for affection and physical care from the foster mother conflicts with his loyalty to the absent mother; so loving embraces sometime turn into punching pinching and scratching. At reunion he discards the foster mother and is tender and affectionate to his mother. (There is some live sound of Thomas’s voice).

£70.00 plus postage, and VAT

Many training institutions have found this short comparison film of great value.

Young Children in Brief Separation - The Importance of Substitute Mothering
DVD 1971 21 Minutes

Short version of Young Children in Brief Separation John and Jane.
This derivative film presents the main theme of two films from the series Young Children in Brief Separation: a young child separated from the mother needs to be put into the care of one person who will act as a mother to him attentive and always there to give comfort. John, aged 17 months, is looked after by changing nurses in a residential nursery and tries unsuccessfully to find one who will mother him. He turns for comfort to large teddy bears, deteriorates day by day, and at a reunion rejects his mother. In contrast Jane, who is also 17 months, is cared for by a foster mother to whom she makes a close relationship. Her good development continues, and at reunion she goes warmly to her mother. But the caution is made that no matter how good the substitute care, separation from the mother remains a hazard for young children. James and Joyce Robertson

This short version is specially suitable as an introduction to the subject for school children of 13 years and older. A guide booklet accompanies the film.

£50.00 plus postage, and VAT

If you have read this far you may be interested to know more about the background to these films. If so please go to:

For our full list of Robertson films visit:

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Liesl Silverstone: Art Therapy the Person-Centred Way

After an introduction about the background and theory of Person-Centred Art Therapy, Liesl Silverstone offers an art therapy exercise. She demonstrates the approach by working with two women and their images. Then, as 'tutor', she watches two women work together with an image as 'counsellor' and 'client'. The underlying philosophy of person-centred art therapy is that it is a creative mode to keep us away from cerebral, verbal, judgemental processes, and into the here and now world of imagination, intuition and inspiration.

 The paradox applies that by thinking less, it is possible to know more. By making visible our images, we can tap into material from the subconscious, which is denied to the forefront of our awareness, and gain valuable insights leading to growth, self-awareness and integration. Liesl Silverstone has many years' experience as tutor, counsellor and art therapist. She has worked in this way with adults, children and educationally disadvantaged adults, in groups, with individuals, and for herself, and was the founder of the Person-Centred Art Therapy Centre in London.

 Carl Rogers was her course consultant and wrote an effective course in person-centred art therapy based on the philosophy which empowers the person and helps make them more self-directed. "Excellent outline of theory and methodology skilfully done" - student of counselling.

DVD  2002   55 Minutes

£46.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable.   N.B.  We hope during the next two months to make this programme available on 'Video on Demand' both to buy or to rent. We will let you know when this is available

Liesl Silverstone died on the 15 December 2013, after one and a half years of increasing illness. She was 86. Her achievements in the last three decades of her life are awe-inspiring. They have been recognised by the most respected practitioners in the therapeutic profession, not only in Britain but across the world.  Concord is very proud that Liesl chose us to distribute the film which she made in 2002.  It should be seen by everyone who practises art therapy or person centred therapy.

Read more -

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Caring for the Elderly

 Watch a clip
This is an excellent training resource for all students and staff in health, housing and social care. It clearly and systematically defines different types of elder abuse; physical, emotional, sexual, financial and neglect. For each type of abuse the film outlines the indicators and appropriate responses strategies to protect vulnerable older people. Using clear summaries for each type of abuse this film is an excellent training resource for personal or group learning. Australia
Target audience: students and all management and front line staff in health, housing and social care

Reviewer’s comments: Highly recommended
DVD- 2007 - 29 Minutes - £44.85 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

Abuse of Older People
What constitutes abuse of older people, and how it can be recognised?

Jacki Pritchard, freelance trainer/consultant, with wide experience in this field, talks with Malcolm Brown in the series "Approaches to Problem Resolution". She discusses the concept of abuse, details what constitutes abuse both in the community and in institutions, examines the signs of abuse, explores the role of the social worker and discusses some relevant theories and processes. Of use to anyone working with older people. Notes included.

DVD - 1996 - 53 Minutes - £43.70 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

Care Films

A End of Life Care 

Advice for professional people caring for people who are dying.
Read more -

Palliative Care Nursing – Caring for Yourself

An introduction to palliative care stress management, for staff.

Read More -

Protecting the Vulnerable

An excellent training resource on different forms of abuse to aid responses and strategies to protect vulnerable older people.

Read more -

Incontinence - Management by the Primary Care Team

Three cases of incontinence which show the principles of correct management.

Read more -

For the full list of Care Films follow this link:  Care Films

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